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  • 深圳市住崎電子有限公司成立于2007年,我們是一家專注于汽車、新能源、人工智能、智能醫療等連接器的推廣及銷售。我們秉承“誠信、專業、高效、創新”的經營理念,為客戶提供多元化的服務、專業的技術支持。我們致力于為客戶迅速應對各種市場的需求、創造最佳的價值。住崎,您的連接伙伴。

    Shenzhen Zhuqi Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. We are anagent specializing in the promotion and sales of connectors in automobile,motorcycle, new energy, artificial intelligence, medical and other industries,We adhere to the "integrity, professional, efficient, innovative" business philosophy, to provide customers with diversified services, professionatechnical support. We are committed to quickly respond to the needs of various markets and create the best value for our customers.ZHUQI Your connection partner.

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